Sometimes we search for the cheapest prices possible, and other times we would like to indulge, but if there is one thing we love even more, it’s indulging and doing it cheaply. Premium economy sections have gained popularity and dozens of airline companies allow travelers to indulge – without paying an exorbitant price for it. Premium economy products often offer a superior travel experience compared to some airlines’ business class.

Premium economy is located between the tourist and business classes. In terms of price, the pricing is also in the mid-range: for example, direct flights from New York to Dublin in economy class will cost around $400-$750, and flights in the business section will cost $1750 and up. Flights in the comfortable premium economy section will cost between $1100. Yes, the ticket is more expensive than regular economy class – but it is often a good value for the price, especially for travelers who want to fly in a comfortable and less crowded area. For them, it can be very worthwhile.

So why fly premium economy?

Premium seats

Premium economy seats are more spacious than regular economy seats. The seats are wider, with more distance between them and the seats in front, and the recline angle is larger. However, it is important to note that these seats do not fully recline like many business-class seats. For example, the legroom on United Airlines is 37 inches (compared to 34 inches in economy) and the seat width is 19 inches (compared to 17 inches in economy).

In addition, some airline companies offer footrests in their premium economy seats, which adds a lot of comfort. For example, British Airways’ premium economy seat (shown in the photo) combines the larger legroom with the footrest. Combined with the larger seat tilt, of course, these will allow you to have a comfortable, pleasant flight and help you relax, and perhaps sleep, more easily.

The seating arrangement is also different and is usually configured in a 2-3-2 or 2-2-2 formation, which is particularly ideal for couples who can sit alone together. If you are sitting by the window and want to get up for services – you won’t have to climb over as many people in the premium economy section.

Lounge and Priority Access in Premium Economy

As mentioned at the beginning, premium economy products can be found almost exclusively on wide-body planes. Therefore, most flights in these classes can be mainly operated on long-haul routes between North America, Asia, and Western Europe. And what’s more important than additional lounge and shopping privileges when it comes to global travel? Thankfully, premium economy passengers are entitled to equal privileges when it comes to lounge access.

For example, United Airlines enables premium economy passengers to send two 23kg bags each, along with a carry-on bag on the plane. Cathay Pacific’s premium economy class also includes two 23kg bags on flights to Hong Kong, as well as a small bag and a trolley.

If you think that the only perk for premium economy passengers is extra luggage, you are mistaken. Many airlines will also allow their premium economy passengers to use faster check-in lines, often alongside business and first-class passengers, and most receive priority boarding as well. These added benefits can greatly improve the overall travel experience for premium economy passengers.

The premium economy flight experience

So now you understand that as a premium economy passenger, your seat will be better, and you can bring more luggage and stand in fewer lines. But what about the flight itself? Here, too, you will receive many perks.

The touch screens on the personal entertainment systems are larger in premium economy class than in economy class on most airlines. For example, on United Airlines, the screen is 13 inches and provides an excellent viewing experience to pass the time on your flight.

Premium economy passengers also have a better dining experience: on most airlines, the menus are upgraded and of higher quality for premium economy passengers than for economy passengers, with the meal itself served with metal cutlery and not plastic, and on china plates. In addition, the drink menu for premium economy passengers is wider and usually includes a refreshing drink upon arrival on the plane, as well as a varied alcohol menu.

How do you find cheap premium economy tickets?

First, follow Captain Flights on the various platforms of your choice. While we mostly feature cheap economy class flights, our team also monitors favorable prices for premium economy and strives to feature such fares from time to time.

Our second recommendation is to pay attention to deals and offers from the airlines themselves. For example, a recent 1+1 offer from El Al included the premium economy class, and many airlines allow you to upgrade at the last minute for a fee. In these cases, you may not be able to secure an upgrade in advance, but you can pay a relatively small amount a few hours before the flight to upgrade.

Our third recommendation is to pay attention to mileage pricing. The prices are not extremely high in terms of mileage when compared to business class, especially if you have a large number of points. Those of you who earn points for credit card purchases and frequent flying will find that upgrading to premium economy can be a great way to utilize your points. It is important to note that the availability of mileage upgrades may vary depending on the route and season.

Do you have any questions about the premium economy class?  Feel free to ask in the Captain Flights community.