We all know this dilemma: what’s the best time to book a flight? A few months in advance, or wait should we wait until the last minute? No one can really give a clear answer to this question. Sometimes prices will go down, but in most cases, they will actually go up. However, there is one instance where the answer is clear: when it comes to flights on peak dates – it is important, beneficial, and recommended that you plan ahead and book tickets early.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about flights during a major sports event, an important performance, or the last week of summer break – it is likely that you are neither the first nor the last to think about flying on peak dates. Therefore, the earlier you book, the more money you save. In most cases, the idea that “prices may go down” for peak dates has been proven to be false, and indeed, you can sometimes find good deals but they very rarely include the busiest dates.

For example, flights to Thailand for Easter break: direct flights to the exotic destination sold in January for $399, while the same flights in March cost over $1,000. The early bird definitely catches the worm in this case.

So, when should we book flights several months in advance?

Booking flights in advance for holidays

The effects of the coronavirus on travel have nearly disappeared and airports are experiencing crowds similar to those before Covid, with huge lines in all major airports around the world. Did you fail to get a cheap ticket? Instead of getting upset, it’s time to plan ahead.

The DAA reported that 1.48 million people passed through Dublin Airport checkpoints between December 16th and January 4th, 2022, 96% of the numbers handled over the same period in 2019. Christmas, New Year’s, St Patrick’s Day and Easter are among the peak dates where flights are increasingly more expensive, with the summer holidays not far behind. When you take into consideration local holidays at your destination, navigating prices can be a difficult task.

Those who book early will benefit from relatively low prices. We know how important it is for travelers to fly during school holidays, so they don’t waste extra vacation days. Therefore, we built a special search engine for holidays with the most attractive destinations at the best prices! To search for holiday flights, click here.

Large music and sports events

During large sports events, like the World Cup or the Olympics, and during large music events, such as Tomorrowland or the Coldplay tour, tickets to the destinations where these events are held tend to increase in price. If you know the dates for the events in advance, we recommend not waiting for ticket sales for the event and booking the flight before the price increases.

Do you want to fly to the Olympics in Paris in 2024, for example? The Olympics will begin on July 27, 2024, and with flights typically going on sale up to a year before the flight takes place, you should be ready to purchase tickets right away, because they will get expensive very quickly. In fact, it’s very likely that the flights will be more expensive than usual even on the day they are released. Tickets to nearby cities and countries, such as Belgium, are expected to rise quickly as people search for alternative flights at cheaper prices.

So if you have decided to fly to a show or game abroad, our recommendation is to not wait until the last minute to book your flights. An additional recommendation is related to tickets for the events themselves: try to book them as early as possible because prices in the secondary market for large events only go up as the event approaches.

Booking flights in advance for the summer 

Even if you’re not a teacher or student, it’s likely that you don’t want to be in the country during August. Every year, the peak of tourism in Ireland is July-August and the result is clear: prices increase by tens or even hundreds of percentage points at this time. The French, on the other hand, tend to travel the most in August, so peak dates and prices will differ according to your destination as well.

So what should you do? It’s simple: book the flights as far in advance as possible. We’ve also compiled the best flights for the summer peak dates in one place, with the most popular destinations! Click here to search for summer flights.